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What we do

Ideally, your heater would never run into operational problems of any kind. That is not the reality of the world that we live in, though. At some point, your heater may fail to start up, fail to run consistently, start blowing cool air, etc. Whatever the case, remember that prompt heating repairs in Central, CT are the best way to prevent unnecessary damage to your system.

Want to keep problems with your heating system to a minimum? Scheduling annual heating maintenance with a qualified heating contractor will help you to do so. We encourage you to explore the benefits that our preventive maintenance program has to offer. Our technicians are happy to keep your heater in the best working condition possible.

Annual Maintenance
Filter Changes
Burner Tune Up
Gas Mix Tuning
Parts Ordering (if not on truck or in shop)
Parts Replacement
Gas Boilers
Gas Furnaces
Ductless Air Conditioning/Heat Pump
Central Air Conditioning

Benefits of Converting to Natural Gas