Heating Options

Get to Know Your Heating Options

The first step in ensuring that you are able to heat your home successfully is to not only invest in a great heating system, but also to choose a heater that suits your personal user preferences. We’ll help you find the right heater for your needs. We install and service a great selection of heating systems, including the following.

  • Furnaces, which are forced air heating systems that use the combustion of natural gas in order to generate heat with which to warm air directly.
  • Boiler systems, heat water and radiate it throughout your home through baseboard heating elements. Hot water is heated in either a direct system or indirect system meaning hot water is generated instantly and used at the time of generation (direct or tankless) or hot water is stored in a hot water tank for future use (indirect).
  • Ductless systems, which use heat pump technology for both heating and cooling without the need for any ductwork at all.

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